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Reconciliation - Bishop Brian Castle

Reconciliation, St. Francis and Creation

Looking around us today the world appears to be in turmoil.  There continue to be struggles with hunger in various parts of Africa, some caused by politics and some by drought.

Primates 2016 - encouragement and perplexity (2)

The Primates’ Meeting was established in 1978 to provide space for the Primates to have ‘leisurely thought, prayer and deep consultation.’  Establishing a gathering for this purpose was brave and prophetic, recognising that time needed to be set aside for Primates to grow together in deeper ways

Primates 2016 - encouragement and perplexity


It is always risky to comment upon a meeting that one has not attended.  However, after a statement and communiqué and, perhaps more importantly, a number of primates sharing over the last few weeks their personal thoughts on the Anglican Primates' Meeting in January in Canterbury, a picture is

A Reconciling Church for a Wounded World


We are living in a wounded world inhabited by wounded people who are wounding the planet.

Journeying from victimhood to forgiveness

If reconciliation in all its fullness is being sought, then it is essential to take into account five ‘drivers’ of reconciliation, namely, memory and remembering, forgiveness, victimhood, otherness and gift.  These five areas feed and give direction to the process of reconciliation.

God's Gift to Humanity

The word ‘reconciliation’ is used and understood in many different ways.

The Cry for Reconciliation

When we hear the word ‘reconciliation,’ we probably all think of different things.

Music and Reconciliation


There is a great deal of music in heaven.  In the book of Revelation the angels and archangels ceaselessly sing God’s praises.  Many would say that music lifts them beyond themselves and transports them into heaven: music can be a sign of heaven and a means of getting there.   

In writing my

WW1 Reflections September 2014

Commemorating WW1 and 'Remembering' - agent for reconciliation or impetus for further conflict?



World War I (WW1) broke out one hundred years ago.  An armistice was signed four years later.

To be published in June 2014

Reconciliation: The Journey of a Lifetime - Brian Castle

Published by SPCK in June, 2014. Here is a description.

Pursuing reconciliation is a key part of the work of politicians, psychotherapists, mediators, ecologists and theologians. For the politician, reconciliation means conflict resolution.