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Mary, Mother Theresa and Princess Diana – Cultural and Religious Icons

Just as an older generation remember where they were when they heard news of President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, so a younger generation remember where they were when they heard of Princess Diana’s accident and death in 1997.  In the various commemorations, documentaries and reflections on

Easter Reflection 2017

Love Story

I have recently been reading an anthology of love poems. The poems are intimate, tender, loving, passionate and sensual.

Brexit and President Trump highlight a Deep Malaise in Democracy

These have been heady days for democracy.  Last week,  the British Prime Minister has indicated the path in which she sees Brexit taking.  Secondly,  on Friday Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the USA.

Christmas Reflection 2016

How can we celebrate the birth of Christ in the middle of the humanitarian disaster tragically unfolding in Aleppo, Syria?

Bossey - Glimmers of Light in an Ecumenical Winter

In recent weeks the Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope Francis were celebrating in Rome a relationship that was initiated by their predecessors 50 years ago and in Lund, Sweden, Lutherans and Roman Catholics (again with Pope Francis present) expressed a yearning for unity in preparation for the

Brexit - Now is not the time for Reconciliation

The die is cast.  The United Kingdom will be negotiating its way out of the EU – though, with Scotland contemplating another devolution referendum, the ‘Kingdom’ may not be ‘United’ for much longer.

Pentecost Reflection - Breaking through Walls and Barriers

I recently visited Berlin for the first time and was struck by the fact that the Berlin Wall, which divided the city for so many years, has now become a tourist attraction.  In fact, the longest remaining section has been purposefully covered with Graffiti and named the East Side Gallery.

Easter Reflection

I have been fortunate to visit Israel and Palestine on a number of occasions.  In a conversation with a senior clergyman in East Jerusalem, I was hearing of the plight of his fellow Palestinian Christians and his concern that so many were leaving the Middle East to live elsewhere.

Epiphany Reflection

One of the many highlights of my time as Bishop of Tonbridge was spending Epiphany (5th - 6th January) in Palestine.  I was taken to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem on the evening of the 5th to attend the Greek Orthodox Epiphany service to celebrate the revealing of the true identity of

Christmas Message 2015

I was recently in a department store and was delighted to hear a well-rehearsed Salvation Army band playing Christmas music.